The Strategic Project Internationalisation started in 2019. Through this project, and through co-operation with a number of organisations, we strive to promote increased exchanges between Swedish medical technology and practitioners and stakeholders in other countries. Our focus is on Medtech4Health-funded projects.


Small and medium-sized innovative medical companies often experience demands for internationalisation at an early stage. This is a central and difficult challenge, as small and medium-sized medical technology enterprises (SMEs) are rarely equipped for this task. A study Medtech4Health produced in 2019 showed that:

  • internationalisation is one of the foremost strategic challenges for a company,
  • effective internationalisation lays invaluable foundations for later added value,
  • it is difficult to find partners to collaborate with, for studies and for support regarding regulatory conditions, compensation systems, distribution, procurement, etc.,
  • it is costly and time consuming to make mistakes and it may take a long time before one realises one is on the wrong path or working with the wrong partner,
  • there are good examples of functioning support mechanisms in different parts of the country, while there are also many gaps.


Through strategically selected collaboration, good operations are strengthened and new ones created. Such collaboration generates:

  • increased qualified contact areas for Swedish innovative medtech SMEs,
  • increased qualified partnerships (studies, distribution, development, investments),
  • increased visibility and contacts for Swedish companies as regards European and Swedish investors with experience in Medtech related areas,
  • increased visibility and contacts for Swedish researchers as regards the European research élite in medical technology,
  • increased visibility and influence for medical technology as an area within EU calls for funding applications, and with the Swedish Research Council and other financiers.

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Influence platform for Swedish medical technology and life science

Developing global partnerships in health


  • Access and success for Medtech4Health’s project portfolio for EIT Health’s programme and funding
  • Possible delegation trips, probably to Australia and Germany
  • Special offer for Medtech4Health companies attending the Medica 2020 Trade Fair, in collaboration with the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce
  • Access for Medtech4Health’s project portfolio to medtech-competent foreign investors through, for example, the EIT Health Investors Network and the MedTech Strategist Summit
  • Facilitate innovative SMEs with an overview of and access to relevant support organisations in Sweden, such as incubators and accelerators with MedTech competence, STING BridgeHead, Business Sweden, EU grants etc.