Procurement and implementation – a strategic project (UppHIM)

UppHIM is a strategic project within Medtech4Health which aims to contribute to an increase in knowledge about possible and suitable procurement models for the implementation of innovations.

Procurement is related to testing new technology as it is important to enable new products and solutions to be implemented and hopefully also to be widely introduced. In order to facilitate this part of the innovation process, specifically within MedTech, UppHIM conducts a number of activities to support and increase knowledge about procurement opportunities, both in companies and contracting authorities. In the project we also want to highlight good examples of procurement and collaboration where new innovations are implemented.

The project includes, among other things, a seminar series on Procurement as a facilitator of innovation, which is carried out in collaboration with the Procurement Authority. Procurement and implementation is of local importance in Sweden. Consequently the films of the seminars linked on the right of this page are all in Swedish.


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See films of seminars we have conducted together with the Procurement Authority:

Linköping (December 2018) This recording is not currently available

Umeå: part 1 & part 2 (March 2019)

Uppsala (May 2019)


Monika Lydin
Monika LydinProject leader