Six applications from healthcare providers in the public and private sectors have been granted funding in the Call for Innovators in Healthcare. The purpose of the Call is to support the development and commercialisation of innovative medical technology solutions. This can be about testing new technology, making adjustments for the implementation of new technology or working with procurement challenges. Through Medtech4Health, Vinnova is financing projects in this Call that have been able to apply for funding between SEK 300,000 and SEK 1,000,000 in value.

“Healthcare has great hopes of becoming more efficient, for example, by introducing new technology and new working methods. These hopes, held by decision makers, patients, and citizens in general, are challenging to meet when tough financial decisions are also on the agenda. Our hope is that Medtech4Health and Vinnova can, though these funding initiatives, help to free up time for the development, implementation and functioning of efficiency improvements.” So says Jonas Sareld, Programme Director at Medtech4Health.

The projects that have won financing

Detection of prostate cancer during radical prostatectomy
Project leader: Olof Lindahl,
Project co-ordinator: Region Västerbotten

AI-based tool for the automatic analysis of PET/CT images
Project leader: Johan Engdahl,      
Project co-ordinator: Danderyd Hospital AB, Region Stockholm

AI-baserade verktyg för automatisk analys av PET/CT-bilder
Project leader: Elin Tragardh
Project co-ordinator: Skåne University Hospital

Free play during cancer treatment
Project leader: Ulrika Noren-Nystrom,
Project co-ordinator: Norrland University Hospital, Region Västerbotten

REVOM: Measurement of real-time sample volume for blood cultures
Project leader: Volkan Ozenci,
Project co-ordinator: Karolinska Institutet

Detection and differentiation of epileptic seizures using wearable sensors in smart textiles
Project leader: Kristina Malmgren,
Project co-ordinator: Västra Götalandsregionen

Facts: Innovators in Healthcare

The Call has funded projects aimed at:

  • Developing or evaluating ideas formulated by health care providers and verifying that these have pre-requisites for commercialisation
  • Testing and evaluating new technology, and adapting services and organisations to implement it
  • Defining requirements and needs to enable the development or procurement of new innovative medical technology

The budget for the Call has been SEK 5,000,000. For projects that have been awarded more than SEK 500,000, the project group must co-finance the part that exceeds SEK 500,000 by at least 30 percent.