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The latest news from the Swedish strategic innovation program in medical technology Medtech4Health.
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  • Spring 2018: header illo

Medtech4Health: Half Year Report – Spring 2018

10 september 2018|0 Comments

Spring 2018: half-year report on Medtech4Health covering Evaluation and Development, Calls for Applications, Strategic Projects, Internationalisation and Communication etc

Medtech Day – an intensive Wednesday 4th July

12 juli 2018|0 Comments

Wednesday is the culmination of Almedal Week. Read patient stories, see photos from the day and be inspired by our seminar reports.

Tuesday at Almedalen – a long but rewarding day

6 juli 2018|0 Comments

A rewarding day - Tuesday 3rd July at Almedalen 2018. This article summarises in English some of the highpoints for Medtech4Health's Almedalen team.

A few high points from Almedalen on Monday 2nd July

5 juli 2018|0 Comments

Monday 2nd July: the first intensive day of Almedalen 2018. This article summarises in English some of the highpoints for Medtech4Health's Almedalen team.

  • Almedalen 2018

Almedalen 2018 – an introduction

2 juli 2018|0 Comments

Almedalen 2018 - and introduction in English for eight days of reports from the annual political jamboree at Almedalen in Visby, Gotland.

Better radiation-proof clothing in healthcare

15 juni 2018|0 Comments

The increasing demand for radiation-proof clothing led Medtech4Health supported company Ten Medical Design to develop NAFT, a new, radiation-proof textile that is flexible and breathes.

  • varicose vein surgery

Solutio: Less pain in varicose vein surgery

14 juni 2018|0 Comments

During #MedTechWeek we share stories of medical technology in people's lives. The invention of Solutio facilitates varicose vein surgery, which could eventually make it available to more patients.

Medical Technology thriving in Uppsala

7 juni 2018|0 Comments

Medical technology is thriving in Uppsala. Kristina Svensson reports from a day-long presentation of (mostly) Medtech4ealth sponsored projects in Uppsala organised by Medtech Science & Innovation for the European MedTech Week.

  • Mollii: RickardNilsson

Aiming for gold with the Mollii suit

5 juni 2018|0 Comments

During #MedTechWeek we share stories of medical technology in people's lives. For Rickard Nilsson, the Mollii electro-stimulation suit is helping him aim for gold at the Tokyo Paralympics. Watch the film (in Swedish) and read the text (in English) to find out more.

  • Prizewinners and Finalists Medtch4Health Innovation Award 2018

Medtech4Health Innovation Award 2018

17 maj 2018|0 Comments

The Medtech4Health Innovation Award 2018 was presented at a ceremony during Swedish Medtech’s Annual Conference in Stockholm Wednesday 16 May 2018. The runners up were Operation Check and ePed, and the prize-winner was EASY Diabetes.

Innovation for future healthcare: Netherlands study trip

4 maj 2018|0 Comments

Innovation for future healthcare - a travel report from a study visit to the Netherlands 19-21 March, 2018. In a rewarding trip, the participants visited five Dutch centres of excellence in innovation for future healthcare.

What a visit to Brussels in December can bring!

2 maj 2018|0 Comments

On Friday we had the pleasure of welcoming Bernd Reichert, Head of Unit  “SMEs in Horizon 2020” at the European Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, to the Life Science Cluster at Sveavägen 63, Stockholm. He participated [...]

  • Nordic Market Access Leaders: Stockholm Spring

The Nordic Market Access Leaders Forum

25 april 2018|0 Comments

Medtech4Health participated in the Nordic Market Access Leaders Forum in Stockholm on 18th and 19th April The Nordic Market Access Leaders Forum is arranged by Next Level Life Sciences. The first day of the Forum [...]

Medtech4Health in 2017 – A Report

9 februari 2018|0 Comments

An English language report of activities carried out by MedTech4Health in 2017.

The USA simplifies regulations while the EU complicates them

31 januari 2018|0 Comments

One of the most significant take-aways from this year's MedTech Forum in Brussels is that, while we in the EU have made the regulatory framework for medical devices more complicated, our principal competitor, the USA, has simplified them.

Happy holidays

22 december 2017|0 Comments

Autumn workshop and a study visit to Max IV

8 december 2017|0 Comments

Medtech4Health's autumn workshop at RISE in Lund included a study visit to the impressive Max IV facility.

E-Health Centre in Östersund to accelerate health innovations

5 december 2017|0 Comments

The E-Health Centre in Östersund is expected to accelerate health innovation in the region. Medtech4Heath atttended the ribbon-tying and opening ceremony.

10 projects share SEK 14.3 million – Medtech Collaborative Projects 2017

30 november 2017|0 Comments

Ten exciting projects share SEK 14.3 million in Medtech4Health's latest award of funding for Medtech Co-operation Projects

Spring 2017 – Medtech4Health half-year activity report

30 augusti 2017|0 Comments

Spring 2017 is our half-year report on the activities of Medtech4Health covering Calls for Funding Applications, Strategic Projects, International Co-operation and Communication.

  • seminariet-7953

Almedalen 2017 – an English summary

14 juli 2017|0 Comments

Every summer, during the first week of July, representatives of Sweden's political parties and media set up camp in Almedalen, Visby, on the Swedish Baltic island of Gotland. The annual tradition goes back to 1968, [...]

An impressive study visit to MAX IV and the ESS

22 juni 2017|0 Comments

The concluding day of MedTech Week 2017 in Sewden was spent at the MAX IV laboratory in Lund, learning about this major research initiative and the forthcoming ESS facility, and their value to medtech science.

Research inspiration with the Hospital Director

21 juni 2017|0 Comments

The keynote speaker at MedTech Week 2017 in Gothenburg was Sahlgrenska Hospital Director Ann-Marie Wennberg who gave an inspirational presentation.

MedTech Week warmly welcomed in Umeå

21 juni 2017|0 Comments

MedTech Week 2017 received a warm welcome in Sweden's northern city of Umeå where warm weather and happy crowds generated an infectious good humour.

An inspirational talk show in Linköping

19 juni 2017|0 Comments

MedTech Week 2017 continues on Day 3 with an inspiring programme in talk show form from Linköping University Hospital and Region Östegötland.

MedTech Science & Innovation centre, Uppsala opened

15 juni 2017|0 Comments

This year’s MedTech Week got off to a successful start with a very well-attended, festive opening of the new MedTech Science & Innovation centre in Uppsala.

Open call: MedTech Collaboration Project 2017

31 maj 2017|0 Comments

A call for funding applications for the Medtech4Health MedTech Collaboration Project 2017. Sixteen million Swedish kronor earmarked to support 10-15 innovative, commercial medtech projects over 2 years .

Growth through Internationalisation

31 maj 2017|0 Comments

Growth through Internationalisation, Medtech4Health's session at the Conference on Co-operation for Innovation in Stockholm on 4 May 2017, was a conference within a conference - an opportunity to exchange experiences and network across frontiers.

Winner of the Medtech4Health Innovation Award 2017

18 maj 2017|0 Comments

The Medtech4Health Innovation Award Winner for 2017 is Project SMS Lifesaver and the Centre for Research into Cardiac Arrest at the Karolinska Instuitute in Stockholm.

Medtech4Health Innovation Award 2017

26 april 2017|0 Comments

The Medtech4Health Innovation Award is a newly established prize for work with medical technology in healthcare. Worth SEK 100,000, it wil be awarded for the first time on at the 2017 Annual Conference of Swedish Medtech.



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