Medtech4Health is a national Strategic Innovation Programme within medical technology. We work to implement more medical technological ideas and solutions in healthcare, and to create value for patients. To make this possible, we bring together stake holders in healthcare, academia and business in regional nodes and in different types of projects. Our aim is, through innovation, to streamline healthcare and strengthen the medical technology industry, nationally and internationally.

Innovative investments in healthcare

Through calls for funding applications on various themes, and through what we call strategic projects, we support initiatives that focus on patients and other healthcare users. We do this by financing innovative services, products, working methods and processes. In many of our calls, and in funded projects, we require collaboration between healthcare, academia and medical technology companies.

Our overall goals

  • A patient-centred and effective healthcare system measured in health outcomes per cost
  • Continued national and international success for medical technology (MedTech) companies in Sweden
  • That Sweden is recognised internationally for excellence in innovative needs-based medical technology, research and education

We work together to solve challenges facing our society

We are one of 17 strategic innovation programmes working at the direction of central government through Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas. The strategic innovation programmes work through collaboration in areas that are strategically important for Sweden. The purpose is to create the conditions for sustainable solutions to global societal challenges, and increase international competitiveness in accordance with Agenda 2030. This means, for example, that sustainability and gender equality should permeate the projects we finance.

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JONAS SARELD Programme Director
Tel: +46 73 838 70 80