Our purpose is to facilitate partnerships between Swedish experts and other actors to drive key areas of European health science research and technology development forward

Swedish Strengths in medtech and life sciences

Sweden, northern Europe’s most dynamic life sciences location, is a hotbed of brainpower and talent that’s home to innovative companies and research organizations ranging from multinationals to small start-ups with big ideas and high ambitions.

Sweden is strong in competitive research and innovation in medtech and life sciences, addressing global societal challenges such as an ageing population, an increase in lifestyle-related diseases and antibiotic resistance.

Sweden also delivers world-class healthcare for everyone. Our achievement is due to innovative methods and products developed through close collaboration between care providers, academia and industry. Openness to new ideas, knowledge exchange, multi-disciplinary teams and an evidence-based approach in combination give us a high quality, cost-efficient system.

Sweden is ranked among the most innovative countries in the world. Transparency, stability and predictability are competitive advantages that characterize Sweden’s research and innovation climate.

The platform project is a collaboration between the Strategic Innovation Programs MedTech4Health and Swelife financed by Vinnova. Our ambition is to show potential European partners what Sweden can do for their projects and to help them meet their challenges. Our purpose is to facilitate partnerships between Swedish experts and other actors to drive key areas of European health science research and technology development forward for Horizon 2020 and other future EU collaborative projects.

The five focus areas which we prioritize are: Artificial Intelligence, Personalized or Precision medicine, Imaging, ATMPs, and E-health.

The medtech and life sciences industry is one of Sweden’s most important sectors and a fast-growing market both in Sweden and globally. Progress in the area impacts the quality of life for all of us and at the same time benefits society in terms of cost-efficient quality healthcare and economic growth. The importance of the sector is reflected in the number of national and regional organizations supporting research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

There are trade organizations in different sectors of the industry and there are investment and trade promotion organizations working to support Swedish entities in their international efforts.

Yet another important function is represented by the Swedish incubators and science parks.

There are many successful international companies of Swedish origin, such as Gambro, Elekta, Getinge, SCA, Sobi and AstraZeneca. Today, Sweden is home to more than 1500 companies and approximately 40,000 sector employees.

In Sweden, companies typically think internationally from day one. Sweden is globally well known for international collaboration and is home to several hundred entrepreneurially driven companies in various stages of development.

Sweden has an extensive selection of infrastructures that may be made available to European Horizon 2020 partnerships. Among others, these include :

  • Test beds and living labs for testing new products and services
  • The SciLifeLab, a national center for molecular biosciences focusing on health and environmental research with infrastructure services in genomics, single cell biology, proteomics, metabolomics, bioimaging, diagnostics, chemical biology, genome engineering, and bioinformatics
  • The Swedish Biobanks in Medical Care Act from 2002 that allows the use for research and clinical trials of human biological specimens that have been collected and/or stored, if the donor has given consent. There are about 450 biobanks registered in Sweden. Of these, approximately 300 of the largest operate at regional level. There are also around 200 private biobanks, and 60 located in universities.
  • More than 100 years of publicly available statistics on diseases and the surgical treatment of patients in Sweden.


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