Management and Direction

The programme is led by a Board that decides on the strategic direction, overall budget allocation and which strategic projects and calls for funding applications are to be made within the framework of the programme. An international Advisory Board is tasked with assisting the Board with assessments and advice on whether the programme’s operations are competitive and strengthen Sweden’s position from an international perspective. Medtech4Health is funded by Vinnova, which makes all public authority decisions related to the programme.

Programme Director and Programme Office

Medtech4Health’s Programme Office and day-to-day operations are led by a Programme Director who reports to the Board and makes operational and financial decisions to ensure that the programme’s work is in line with its assigned goals. The Programme Director also ensures that necessary reports to Vinnova are made in accordance with the directive.

The Programme Office works with projects and the co-ordination of calls for funding applications, and has responsibility for communication and economy monitoring. This work is supplemented by the activity and expertise in our nodes.


The programme has one regional Node for each of Sweden’s six healthcare regions. In each Node, regional healthcare, academia and the world of business are all represented. In addition, there are two national Nodes, Swedish Medtech, which represents the medical technology industry, and the research institute RISE.

The Nodes are tasked with promoting the development of medical technology, research and innovation, and to work for a sustainable and innovative development of health and social care. Furthermore, the Nodes should have a patient-focus and promote increased patient involvement. The Nodes report on their activities to the Board through the Programme Director.

The tasks of the regional Nodes

It is the responsibility of the six regional Nodes to actively support projects within each region that have been granted financial support. This means, among other things, that they:

  • contact all new projects personally and establish what support they need
  • regularly distribute current information to new, existing and completed projects in the region, by way, for example, of a newsletter or similar
  • invite all projects, at least twice a year, to come together to share information about their current status and to provide networking opportunities

The tasks of the national Nodes

The national Nodes are tasked with actively disseminating information about the Programme’s activities within their organisations and networks. This means, among other things, that they:

  • include information about the Programme’s activities and announcements in their newsletter or similar
  • arrange at least one national workshop each year on one theme relevant to the Programme
  • collaborate with regional Nodes on activities that are locally anchored through Node representatives or others with relevant expertise

The National Advisory Panel

The National Advisory Panel consists of representatives from healthcare, academia and the business world appointed by the regional Nodes and the Board. Additional specialists can be invited to join the Panel on a temporary basis depending on the topic to be discussed. The Panel meets about four times a year, reports to the Board and is chaired by the Programme Director.

The role of the National Advisory Panel is to:

  • assist in the preparation of cases for the Board
  • contribute to the development of the field of innovation
  • contribute with expert advice on issues related to the field of innovation in medical technology
  • contribute to the preparation of supporting documents, proposals for and formulation of open calls, national development projects and strategic projects
  • advise on ongoing projects and activities
  • contribute to the preparation of support documents and suggestions for activities for the Programme
  • contribute to the execution of the Programme’s strategy


  • Anna Lefevre Skjöldebrand, VD, Swedish Medtech (ordförande)
  • Hans Bergh, Global Brand Director, Essity
  • Tomas Mora-Morrison, Founder, Cambio Healthcare Systems
  • Sebastiaan Meijer, Professor, KTH
  • Karin Dahlman-Wright Prorektor KI
  • Peter Värbrand, Vicerektor, Linköpings universitet
  • Katrine Riklund, Professor/Överläkare, Prorektor Umeå universitet
  • Thomas Laurell, Professor, Lunds Universitet
  • Anders Carlberg, Region Västra Götaland
  • Torbjörn Kronander, VD, Sectra
  • Hannie Lundgren, FoUI-direktör, Region Skåne
  • Krim Talia, Affärs- och innovationsområdeschef Life Science, RISE
  • Mikael Elam, Professor/överläkare, Göteborgs universitet
  • Anders Karlström, Prefekt, Chalmers
  • Sune Larsson, FoU-direktör, Region Uppsala
  • Göran Larsson, FoU-direktör Region Jämtland & Härjedalen
  • Mats Palerius, VD, Zenicor


JONAS SARELD Programme Director
Tel: +46 73 838 70 80