Innovation Engines

Healthcare as an engine for the development of innovative care in collaboration
– to the benefit of patients and a competitive medical technology sector.

The Innovation Engines are a part of Medtech4Health’s work to increase the speed of development in healthcare. The purpose of the project is to better use the knowledge and experience available in healthcare to strengthen the sector’s role as an engine for the development of new methods and products.

In order for a region to be called an “innovation engine”, it needs to have an established vision to increase the uptake of innovations in healthcare through clear and transparent forms of collaboration. Furthermore, there should be a demand from the world of business in the region to develop systematic co-operation with companies. In the long term, it is about creating professional forms of collaboration and structures. Forms of collaboration need to be developed not only between healthcare and companies. It is also important that patients, relatives and academia are involved.

Within the framework of the project, Swedish Medtech has primarily chosen to co-operate with regions that have university hospitals. In the long run, the hope is, of course, that all of Sweden’s regions will want to work together in a systematic way to identify needs and problems and find possible concrete solutions to them. Ultimately to be able to provide care that is good for patients, users, relatives, staff and business. A key factor for success is to have the Innovation Engine anchored with the highest political leadership in the region, as well as with those responsible at the operative level. We first identified this will, progress and energy among regional management in Västerbotten, Östergötland and Uppsala, but we hope to expand our Innovation Engine family!

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Project Manager