Medtech4Health’s gender equality strategy

Medtech4Health is a strategic innovation programme that works among other things to strengthen the medical technology industry. Our gender equality strategy aims to increase the effect of the programme as a catalyst for implementing more medical technology ideas in healthcare. In our strategic gender equality work, we therefore work both with gender equality and norm-critical innovation with a conscious gender perspective.

Medtech4Health’s goal for gender equality

  • Here we work both from a democratic perspective, where we strive for an equal number of women and men at different levels, and to highlight the benefits of working in a needs-adapted manner with a gender equality perspective. This needs to be supplemented by an understanding of people’s different gender identities, bearing in mind that there are other group affiliations, such as functional variations and age, that can influence analyses in the area of gender equality.
  • That our workforce internally in the Programme has the competence and ability to provide guidance in understanding the different levels of gender equality work.
  • That innovation projects in receipt of our support succeed better with their projects thanks to the early and thorough construction of a scientific gender perspective on their solutions.
  • That the programme is in line with scientific development as well as with other sectors’ strategic innovation programs where equality work and norm-critical innovation are constantly under development.


Through co-operation in areas that are strategically important for Sweden, the conditions for sustainable solutions to global societal challenges and increased international competitiveness are created. Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas are currently funding seventeen strategic innovation programs in various areas.


JONAS SARELD Programme Director
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