Analytic Imaging Diagnostics Arena, AIDA

AIDA is a Swedish arena for research and innovation on artificial intelligence, AI, for medical image analysis. Here, academia, healthcare and industry meet to translate technical advances in AI technology into patient benefit in the form of clinically useful tools. AIDA is an initiative within the Strategic innovation program Medtech4Health, jointly supported by VINNOVA, Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency.

Opportunities for Funding

Several support opportunities are available for efforts within the AIDA area. Both in the form of funding and as unique prerequisites for method and knowledge development. AIDA is now accepting applications for new innovation projects with a time span of up to two years,  Apply for Innovation Projects. Care provider employees can engage in AI competence development in the form of a fellowship project, Apply for Clinical Fellowship. A fellowship is also possible for professionals on the technical side, Apply for Technical Fellowship.

AIDA has also opened a new project form focused on clinical evaluation of AI. The idea is to help Swedish healthcare organizations to connect with AI vendors to evaluate commercially available AI solutions within medical image diagnostics: Apply for Clinical Evaluation.

Application Deadlines, spring 2020

Innovation Projects – May 4th

Clinical and Technical Fellowships – February 14th and May 4th

Clinical Evaluation – February 14th and May 4th

Network Partner

AIDA opens up for the opportunity of organizations to join the AIDA network without being part of a formal AIDA project, AIDA Network Partner.

AI Course for Radiologists and Pathologists

AIDA regularly arranges a popular AI course for radiologists and pathologists. The next course will be held sometime during 2020 but the exact dates are not yet released. The course is held in Swedish. You can read more and register your interest here:

Guest at the AIDA Days

AIDA is organizing meetings for affiliated partners at CMIV in Linköping. The focus is AI in medical imaging and includes invited speakers and workshops relevant to a chosen subject. If you are curious about how you and your organization could benefit from an AIDA collaboration you are welcome to visit an AIDA meeting as a guest. Contact, for more information.

The AIDA Days during spring 2020 will be held on January 29th-30th, March 4th-5th, April 1st-2nd, May 13th-14th (AI Showcase).

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Claes Lundström
Claes LundströmArena Director


AIDA has a physical base at Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization, CMIV, at Linköping University. CMIV has a long experience of working with techniqual challenges  within medical imaging and implement innovations in clinical practice. CMIV is also internationally recognized for its interdisciplinary excellence in medical image science and the close collaboration with the clinic. You can read more about CMIV and AIDA at